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What You Need to Know About Beta Blockers

What You Need to Know About Beta Blockers

The medical world is fast-changing. One minute, they can produce another treatment for fever and another, they can have an alternative medication for hypertension or diabetes. We cannot keep up with such fast-paced changes. With so many medicines and prescription drugs to choose from, it would take a professional doctor or pharmacist to help you identify the medicine you need for your health.

Today, on the blog, we will tackle one of the latest developments in medicine. As your trusted Drugstore in Oshawa, ON, Shoprite Pharmacy we do not only deliver quality drugs but we also want to keep our customers informed on the latest updates in medicine and its uses.

One of the most recent prescription medicines that we need to take note of today is beta blockers. You may have heard of this prescription drug as it can do wonders in our body. Basically, beta blockers can tone down adrenaline in our body causing us to be more relaxed and calm.

What are beta blockers?

These are prescription drugs intended primarily for high blood patients. It basically lowers the adrenaline rush in our body, hence, giving our heart the chance to relax. Our daily lives can be very stressful. Tedious activities can cause our hearts to pump blood harder so that our body receives the oxygen they need.

With beta blockers, our hearts can pump blood with less force and it tends to reduce our blood pressure. In addition, this is also the reason why most doctors recommend these to patients with hypertension or even heart problems. Mainly, because it helps us stay calm.

Are beta blockers safe?

Generally, when these drugs are used for its purpose, it is not harmful at all. It can actually help those patients who are in critical condition. The mere fact that such prescription drugs can give the heart enough leeway to distribute oxygen in our body, it helps the patients to relax. It can actually reduce their heart rate.

However, if consumers who have a normal heart rate or they have no any serious heart ailment would use such beta blockers, it could be harmful to their health. One of the side effects of beta blockers is that it can restrict air passage in our lungs. Patients may have difficulty in breathing or it could lead to diarrhea or nausea when taken unnecessarily.

Get smart with your medications and be updated with the latest development, your one-stop shop Pharmacy in Ontario, Shoprite Pharmacy have all these and more. For queries and orders, you can check our website at www.shopritepharmacy.ca or call us today at 905-433-2002. We can also deliver your medicines if you are within these areas: Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville & Whitby.


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