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Tips to Avoid Pain Killer Addiction

Tips to Avoid Pain Killer Addiction

When you have been suffering from a nagging pain, your best friend in this situation would be the pills stored in opaque amber bottles which are sitting idly in your cabinets. Surely with just one pill, you’ll be relieved of any pain that you’re feeling right now- such as from broken bones, post-surgery wounds, toothache, and whatever excruciating pang you have. You are sure that pain killers will eliminate any discomfort in your body. These meds can be purchased at any Pharmacy in Ontario.

However, the crux of the matter is that painkillers are addictive, and if used haphazardly, it is deadly. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized that there is a rising opioid epidemic. Before it’s too late for this to become a national health issue, guidelines have been laid out to control the unnecessary prescribing of these pain killers. If you have been taking painkillers for some time now, here are some important considerations from Shoprite Pharmacy that you have to understand, with respect to minimizing the chances of you being addicted to pain meds:

  1. Religiously follow what’s being prescribed. If your doctor gave you a prescription of Vicodin to be taken twice daily for 3 days, then don’t go overboard with what’s prescribed to you. You should not think about taking a pill that’s in excess from your doctor’s order or irresponsibly consume the medication as this would surely predispose you to be addicted to the pain meds.

  2. Don’t be afraid of the painkillers. It is a common misconception by most people to be afraid of the opioid medications prescribed for the fear of getting hooked on the drug. Most people often think about taking the medicine when the pain is already too much or unbearable. This is a wrong practice, because if you do so, you’ll most likely take more pills just to experience immediate alleviation. The best thing you could do is to take it as the doctor ordered you to do so. If it’s prescribed as round-the-clock, then do as told, whether you have any pain or not.

  3. Be cautious about signs of addiction. The classic sign that you have been addicted to painkiller is pretty obvious — you still want to take the meds even if you are not anymore experiencing any pain. Pain is subjective, and if you continuously rate pain as something that has not subsided even with the constant use of painkillers, and if there are no significant improvements you have experienced, then you probably are addicted to the drug.

  4. Seek therapies. When you feel that you no longer have a control of the urge to abuse painkillers, then professional help is truly necessary. You must seek professional assistance from experts so that you can be weaned from the addiction related to painkiller use.

You can always talk to your doctor or pharmacist from any Drugstore in Oshawa, ON if you have any issues and hesitations regarding the painkillers you are prescribed with. These professionals are in the best position to give you the right course of action which you need to take. It is an important matter to use the pain medication responsibly as you should so that you will not fall prey into becoming addicted to the drug. Although these substances can be addicting, they still play a crucial role in alleviating you from any pain that could debilitate your function.

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