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The 4 Reasons Why Your Medication Is Not Working


It is important to always know your medication? You should always remember what they are, how they work, and how effective they are for you. When taking a medication, you always face risks of allergic reactions, over-dosage, expirations, and whatnot.

Sometimes, we need to know the things that may be keeping us from the effectiveness of our medications. As a Pharmacy in Ontario, we are here to help you spot what the issue may be.

Your medication may not be working because:

  • You may be taking the wrong dosage, or you are taking the wrong medication. It is always best to know how the medication works. Medications must always be taken in the right dosage as required by your doctor. It is also important to double-check the medication you have on your prescription to the medication you have with you.
  • There could be some errors with the checkup. It is very important to be sure of the issues you are diagnosed with. Second opinions are always a great idea if you would like to be really sure of the medications you will be taking.
  • The medications may interfere with each other. Some medications happen to not work well together. It is important to make sure that you consult your prescribing physician when it comes to your medications. Always disclose your experience while taking your medication to your doctor. This would help your doctor improve your prescription.
  • Some other medical conditions may interfere with your medications. Some medicines interact differently when there are some conditions you are yet to find out about. It is important that you tell your doctor how you feel during checkups. It is important to let him/her know about you and your family‚Äôs health history. If there are certain parts where you feel pain, why you feel dizzy, or anything that needs certain elaboration, ask your doctor about it.

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