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Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs this 2017 that will Amaze Canada

Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs this 2017 that will Amaze Canada

Canadians are statistically one of the healthiest races in the world. Accordingly, the state’s Chief Public Health Officer confirms back in 2016 that almost 90% of the citizens are considered healthy. Evidence to that is the long life expectancy of the Canadians. The life of a Canadian may last for an average of 82 years. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), Canada ranks 12th on a worldwide scale.

Considering the given facts, Canadians are likely to have long and well-lived lives. But why settle with this when things can get much better? Thanks to new discoveries and developments in the medical field, the human life can still be improved exponentially.

This 2017 alone, the changes contributed by scientists are certified trailblazers. It will open new paths to medical innovation. To know them, here’s a list by a Pharmacy in OntarioShoprite Pharmacy:

1. Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.
This treatment is centered in finding ways to eradicate blood cancers, including leukemia and lymphoma.
T-cells and white blood cells are taken from the patients. After which, scientists subject the said cells to a cellular immunotherapy. Based on current results, the likelihood of perfecting this method is high.

2. Augmented Reality (AR).
Augmented reality is not just beneficial to humans as a form of entertainment. Medical professionals are now developing ways to utilize it to curing patients.

AR tools are now seen to enhance phlebotomy, surgeries, treatments, and therapies. This would aid doctors to have a maximized vision of the parts of the human body that are not easily perceptible by the naked eye.

3. Synthetic blood.
You read that right. There will be a safe experiment that will be conducted to 20 individuals by England’s National Health Service. The blood to be transfused is made from stem cells. The goal of which is to create specific red blood cells that will be a cure to certain health conditions.

4. Interoperability
Interoperability means the ability to interexchange information. In the medical field, this will hasten operations and therapies. Once a tool is developed, it will aid to the transfer and receipt of medical data.

People rely on medicines and supplements for a healthier living. However, there are hazards that still lurk, especially if what you are taking are the wrong ones. Always ask the help of the experts.

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