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Mother’s Day Special: The Link between a Mom’s Healthy Diet and her Child’s Liver Health

The Link between a Mom’s Healthy Diet and her Child’s Liver Health

Did you know that the diet of your mom during the time of your conception may bring influence on the health of your liver?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD is a serious health issue in the world. And what is worst is that it is a growing problem in this present day and age. Recent studies have been found out that a mother’s diet may shape the future of her child’s liver health.

  • The horrible truth about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    NAFLD is characterized by an accumulation of fat inside the cells of one’s liver. There is nothing wrong in having fats in our liver. However, if the buildup of fat is too much, it can call for liver scarring and cirrhosis.
  • A cause for concern
    The mentioned disease is on the rise as it affects 20 to 30 percent of the population here in the Western world. And the numbers have been troubling medical practitioners as well as the government because it continues to grow.
  • Who is more vulnerable?
    Those individuals who have Morbid Obesity and/or Type 2 Diabetes are greatly affected. Ninety percent of people with Morbid Obesity and seventy percent of people with Type 2 Diabetes acquire NAFLD.
  • Connection with a mother’s diet
    A pediatric endocrinologist by the name of Dr. Michael Thompson, Ph.D. recently made a study to find out the link. His team discovered that a child’s exposure to a high-fat diet during their developmental years generated changes in the liver.

The said changes persisted until the patients have reached adulthood. Even if the child was fed a low-fat diet, the condition still remained. If this holds true to us humans, there is a possibility that a horrible conclusion will be drawn. This conclusion will state that an obese mother can ruin her child’s development of a healthy and functioning liver.

For this reason, Shoprite Pharmacy invites all mothers, especially those who are planning to be pregnant to check their weight beforehand. One of the many ways to producing a healthy offspring is to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Our Pharmacy in Ontario is willing to work hand in hand with the future mothers, their healthcare providers and their whole family to help ensure the well-being of the child. After all, we want a population that is rooted on good health in order to hope for the finest results.

During this special day for mothers, the most suitable gift we can give them is to be healthy to cater for the needs of her family. Our Drugstore in Oshawa, ON helps you attain that goal by working on a healthy pregnancy plan.

We have with us medications and vitamins to keep not just yourself but also the little life inside of you healthy. Start a healthy pregnancy journey now. Visit www.shopritepharmacy.ca.


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