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Helpful Medicines that You Should Keep in Hand During the Summer Season

Helpful Medicines that You Should Keep in Hand During the Summer Season

June is here, and it is that time of the year again. Open skies, azure seas, and salty breezes. Yes, it’s official, summer is at hand! Are you ready for your very own getaway? If not, better start packing and never forget the essentials.

Summer is hot, and it can get even hotter. Due to the extreme weather, many may fall weak and sick. To be prepared for whatever the sun will throw at you, better pack these medicines and place them in your carry on:

1. Ibuprofen

The stress brought by the unforgiving sun may take a toll on your body. As a result, you may suffer pains all over. To provide you relief, take adequate dosages of Ibuprofen. This drug is effective in treating toothaches and muscle pains too.

2. Apirin

Since the temperature is rising, it can’t be helped that you’d acquire fever as well. To address this immediately, take aspirin. This drug should not be given to children without the approval of their pediatrician.

3. Guaifenesin

Afraid to go out and party because you have a cough? This disease shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most doctors would recommend Guaifenesin. This is the most common type of cough medicine that takes effect instantly. Should symptoms persist, never hesitate to consult your doctor.

4. Antihistamine.

There are several kinds of allergy triggers. Common examples are shellfishes, pollens, dust and nuts. All of the said triggers are rampant this summer.

Should it stop you from going out? That’s a big no-no. Summer is made to be enjoyed. Be keen in what foods or materials you are getting exposed to. And once the allergies strike, get your antihistamines ready.

5. Eye drops

Since human eyes are sensitive to hot temperature and dusts, it is likely to develop sore eyes and other eye conditions this summer. Also, eye drops keep the eye hydrated and fresh. This will aid you in keeping your eyes irritated in the first place.

6. Skin ointments and sun blocks

For people with sensitive skins, it is logical to keep protective ointments around. Skin is an important part of the human body. Keeping our skin healthy is a must, especially during the tough summer season.

Some skin ointments are first aid treatments for sunburns and irritations. If the same worsens, seeing a dermatologist is the next logical solution.

7. Loperamide

Summer is never complete without delectable treats. However, due to overeating, perhaps some people may suffer upset stomachs. Loperamide will prevent you from going to successive trips to the toilet. Always keep loperamides within reach.

Being ready will save you from the hassles that can spoil summer! If you are looking for a Pharmacy in Ontario that can provide your medicinal needs, trust Shoprite Pharmacy.

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