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Controlling Birth: The Major Benefits Of Taking Pills

Controlling Birth: The Major Benefits Of Taking Pills

Our Pharmacy in Ontario has several loyal female customers who keep on buying contraceptives to control birth. However, we want to make sure that these people know what they are buying before we give it to them.

One of the most in-demand female contraceptives is birth control pill. Ever since, this contraceptive is known to be effective and safe to use. Our Drugstore in Oshawa, ON offers a variety of dosing options for customers to choose from.

The government has been serious about family planning recently and they have been recommending the use of birth control pills as a flexible and effective method to use as female contraception. Aside from that, unlike other forms of contraception, birth control pills have fewer side effects. Approved by FDA, here are the major benefits you can get from it:

  • It lessens monthly period pain

    Recent studies found out that birth control pills can significantly decrease the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and uterine cancer among women. It is one of the most effective family planning methods that most women are not worried about taking when it comes to their health. However, we want to make sure that when using this, you are using it correctly to reduce the chance of getting pregnant.

    Shoprite Pharmacy has medical health professionals who can teach you the proper way to use contraceptives. You can visit our Drugstore in Oshawa, ON to know more information about this.

    Furthermore, we can also offer you different kinds of birth control pills to choose from, depending on your physical needs and what has been prescribed to you by your obstetrician.

  • It reduces the chance of getting mood swings

    During a woman’s cycle, you often feel some sudden changes in your body and emotions. This is because of the hormonal changes that are taking place during the cycle. If you are going to use the right birth control pill, the changes that are taking place will be lessened. With this, you will no longer have to experience sudden mood changes and even acne.

  • It prevents weight gain

    So many changes have been made in order for the birth control pills to become more effective. One of the things that a lot of women dreaded in the past was its side effect, sudden weight gain.

However, with the improvements made recently, that is not the case anymore with the new birth control pills being sold at Shoprite Pharmacy. The new product now has lower estrogen levels – a hormone that when increased, could cause weight gain. So, those who are worried about it will no longer have to feel that way anymore.


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