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Canada May Save Billions of Dollars through Expanded Pharmaceutical Services


There are 5 things our country is known for: (1) maple, (2) winter, (3) our hot prime minister, (4) “nice and polite” Canadians and (5) hockey. But among all these 5, we will not argue that free healthcare is the coolest of the bunch.

However, we cannot make one of our citizen’s primary needs free of charge without sacrifices. Taxes – we all hate them but we got to pay them for everyone to enjoy such services. We primarily get the fund from taxes in order to make this possible. That is why we need to spend our entire national budget well.

But here is the good part: we may save billions of dollars in our healthcare system by the year 2035. How? This is through expanding our pharmacy services.

  • The great transformation

    Over the years, pharmacy legislation and standards have been implemented throughout the country. This created an opportunity for pharmacies in the community to expand their role in delivering their services.

    Shoprite Pharmacy is not new to this. In fact, we have been working hard in order to give our clients the services they need. And when we heard the news, we are more than happy to participate in the cause.

  • Saving up to $25.7 billion

    The Conference Board of Canada has made an estimate. They said that if we are to implement even just 3 pharmacy services, we could cut off our spending and accumulate $2.5 billion and $25.7 billion. This is for the course of the next 20 years.

    Pharmacies are partners in delivering health care to Canadians. Such role will even be greater if the sustainability of our health care system will be guaranteed. We can even bring more heights into our services if there have been developments from these services. This extension should be with the aid of medication experts.

  • 3 community pharmacy services

    What are the big three services that could change the way we look into our health care system? The three pharmaceutical services are as follows:

    • Smoking cessation
    • Advanced medication review
    • Management for cardiovascular disease

    This also includes pneumococcal vaccination services. If we integrate these services in our Pharmacy in Ontario as well as other pharmacies in the country, the population would benefit from the following:

    • Decrease of cardiovascular diseases
    • Avoidance of premature deaths
    • Effective prevention of diseases

Being a developed country, we have had problems with our aging population. They require much care and effective provider of Medical Supplies in Canada. We can only solve this if we save more money so that we can transfer our expenditures to cater the needs of our older adults.

Pharmacies such as Shoprite Pharmacy are working hard so as to help not only our clients but our country as well. Enjoy a vast list of services only here in our Pharmacy in Ontario. For more details, visit us at www.shopritepharmacy.ca.


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